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why i will never read “ender’s game” 6

I lot of people I know really like the sci-fi author Orson Scott Card, especially his most famous book, Ender’s Game.  As someone who enjoys reading (accessible) sci-fi, it’s been recommended to me time and time again, but I will never read this book.  I’m sure it’s great, but I can’t support Mr. Card’s writing, […]

the post in which i stop being a gutless wonder, probably. 4

A couple of weeks ago, I read this post: The Complete Guide To Not Giving A ****.  For those who are turned off by coarse language, just skip it.  For the rest, go ahead and read it. I’ll wait. (humming that M.I.A. song from her last album) Okay, so you’re back and you’ve deduced from […]

existential crisis(ish) 8

As I tap this out on my phone, a breeze flows in from the Gulf and the waves provide constant brown noise that cancels out most other sounds. I sit under the gazebo having an existential crisis. This is no big thing, I think I’ve had hundreds of existential crises in my lifetime, to the […]

the partly cloudy blogger 1

One could easily describe Sarah Vowell as short, but she isn’t so below one’s gaze that her stature calls attention to itself.  Despite her height, the author of The Partly Cloudy Patriot and The Wordy Shipmates stared straight over the heads of her audience, even when she addressed an individual directly.  After reading from her […]

the party 7

The thin air burned the inside of my nose with each breath.  There was a line of cars running down the street that stopped in front of the house in front of which I stood slowly pacing.  As I listened to my sister’s voice over the phone, I looked out at the Wasatch Mountains, which […]